Autumn Forest Decoration

Autumn Forest Decoration

Three trees, with different heights, fixed individually to the wall and overlapping each other, give life to this wall decoration which gives the house the shades of plants in autumn and a suggestive play of constantly changing shadows. In fact, during the day, while the sun changes position, visual perception also changes from hour to hour.
The absence of fixing screws on the front surface guarantees a clean and profoundly harmonious effect.

Made in Italy


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DETAILS Type: wall decoration Colour: (see product availability) Primary material: high-thickness metal Finish: embossed or smooth, powder coated (see product availability) Weight: 19 kg Assembly: hangs on the wall, complete with fixing plugs for masonry Shape: tree silhouette DIMENSIONS TREE 1 Height: 220 cm | Length: 108 cm | Depth: 3 cm TREE 2 Height: 145 cm | Length: 71 cm | Depth: 4 cm TREE 3 Height: 86 cm | Length: 42 cm | Depth: 4 cm STRENGTHS Sturdy structure Invisible fixings Top-quality materials Perfect as an addition to interiors of any style Modern and elegant design TIPS FOR CARE Clean with mild detergent and a soft cloth; dry after cleaning. To avoid scratches, do not use abrasive cleaners. PACKAGING AND ASSEMBLY 1 X AUTUMN WOODS wall decoration (large), (11 kg) 220 x 108 x 3 cm (H x L x Prof.) 1 X AUTUMN WOODS wall decoration (medium), (6 kg) 145 x 71 x 4 cm (H x L x Prof.) 1 X AUTUMN WOODS wall decoration (small), (2 kg) 86 x 42 x 4 cm (H x L x Prof.)




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