About Us

CEO and Designer

My name is Andrea Gabrieli, and I founded the Ineditii brand by combining my great passion for design, my love of nature and the skills I have developed in 10 years working in the field of mechanical design.

In 2011, I graduated in Industrial Design from the faculty of engineering in Brescia, and then began working in the field of industrial mechanical design.

Andrea Gabrieli CEO of Ineditii Italian Handmade Design
Triptych of images depicting the software used by ineditii for product design

All-round design enthusiast

At the same time, I have always been passionate about design at 360°, from everyday objects to technical sports equipment and furniture.

Over the years, I have designed furnishings for companies in the sector and for my own home as a hobby. I felt a strong need to do so especially because what I found on the market did not fully meet my aesthetic tastes and functional requirements for my personal spaces.

Love for nature and its geometries.

The greatest inspiration for Ineditii’s objects comes from nature, its geometries, the scent and the peace I can find in it.

From climbing to snowboarding, from kayaking to sailing – these sports allow me to totally immerse myself in it, to capture the same essence that I want to infuse into the objects I create.

Manufacturer and welder

After studying in a technical field, I have always worked in the industrial production sector.

My curiosity about the world of design and my passion for the processes of object construction attracted me to the project of Andrea, an old friend, and I accepted the challenge of collaborating with him on the creation of various furnishing accessories for the Ineditii brand.

Our expert welder Nicola with his great skill and passion creates products for ineditii
Andrea during the welding phase of one of our fireplace fire screen in our laboratory